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Transform Wind Energy Ops with a Drone-Based Solution

Free Solution Brief: Wind Turbine Blade Lifecycle Management

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Wind power production is experiencing significant growth globally. But how do owners and operators keep up with the increasing need for safe and efficient ways to inspect turbines, anticipate blade failure, and ensure assets are generating maximum output?

In this solution brief, PrecisionHawk discusses how drone-based solutions can safely and efficiently manage the wind turbine blade lifecycle. You’ll learn:

  • How to strengthen asset management with drone-based aerial intelligence
  • Our wind turbine solution, a comprehensive platform featuring flight operations, our software programs, PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics, and reporting
  • Three common strategies in data collection using drone-based technology

We’ve seen significant results through our work with industry-leading turbine manufacturers, including less downtime due to inspection or unforeseen damages, faster fixes to blade issues, and greater production per turbine. We’ve also reduced inspection climbs—and hazardous manhours—by up to 50% and inspection costs by up to 80%.


In 2017, Statoil (now Equinor) used PrecisionHawk to complete drone inspections for its 317 megawatt Sheringham Shoal Wind Farm off the coast of Norfolk in the United Kingdom. The 200 drone flights inspected 264 blades, and the inspections revealed blade health details Equinor had not known about before. The drones were operated from the site’s standard 19-meter service vessels with no need for climbers. A year later, the company won the RenewableUK Health & Safety Innovation Award for a significant reduction in risky transfers and equipment lifts.


Download our full solution brief to learn how you can preserve the value of your investment and maximize the output of your turbines by deploying a drone-based solution.