Solution Brief: Electrical Distribution Pole Lifecycle Management

Transform Electrical Distribution Ops With Aerial Inspections and Intelligence

Safety and efficiency are vital when it comes to electrical distribution.

But with around 185 million utility poles dotting the U.S. landscape, how can owners and operators keep up with the need for safe and effective ways to inspect poles, anticipate failure, and ensure assets are generating maximum output?

In this solution brief, PrecisionHawk discusses how an end-to-end solution for data collection, processing, and analysis streamlines the management of your electrical distribution pole lifecycle.

It explores:

  • How to strengthen asset management with aerial intelligence
  • Three common strategies in data collection using drone-based technology
  • Our utility distribution solution, a comprehensive platform featuring flight operations, our software programs, PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics, and reporting
  • How to harness the power of machine learning to improve the precision and speed of your distribution asset inspections

Download our full solution brief to learn how you can transform your electrical distribution operations.

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We’ve seen significant results through our work with industry-leading utility companies, including less downtime due to unforeseen damage, higher inventory and pole health measurement accuracy, reduced inspection costs, and a higher margin of safety.