Solution Brief: Utility Grid Modernization

Southeastern Utility Speeds Up Modernization Efforts with Drone Data

Get Your Electrical Asset Inspections and Inventory off the Ground

Using PrecisionHawk’s drone-based geospatial data solution, a top 10 American utility was able to identify:

  • More than 17,000 pieces of inaccurate data in the utility’s database
  • 8% of pole tags were incorrect, and 26% of poles were missing tags
  • Utility had over 500 poles not in its database at all
  • In 234 cases, there were no poles where the utility thought it had one
  • 1,500 updates to pole class and height data


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You can’t modernize what you don’t know you have. To support its optimization efforts, a utility must know how many assets it has, where they’re located, and the phasing of their power cables.

What's included in the Solution Brief?

  • The challenges the utility faced in collecting accurate asset data
  • How PrecisionHawk improved on the incumbent ground-based inventory solution
  • The data collection process, including safety procedures.
  • The process optimizations that increased the speed and accuracy of the utility’s inventory process
  • How pole location, equipment location, and phasing of power lines are collected, analyzed, and reported
  • The software and hardware used to collect,analyze, and report the asset location and condition data

Used by four of American’s Top 10 utilities, the program is designed to be replicable for anyone looking to implement a similar process.

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Why PrecisionHawk?

Machine Intelligence
PrecisionAnalytics runs on the latest artificial intelligence platforms.

Regulatory Leadership
We’ve partnered with NASA and the FAA to help define practices in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations and universal traffic management, among other regulatory areas.

Safety and Operational Excellence
Our flight operations are founded on Naval aviation principles, earning an A-rating from ISNet.


We specialize in serving major enterprises, counting among our clientele top 50 utilities, oil and gas supermajors, Fortune 100s, and federal and state agencies. Our staff includes experts in business, policy, geographic information systems, and technology.

Cutting-edge Geospatial Science
Our industry-leading team of PhD-holding and remote sensing-accredited geospatial scientists help ensure the quality and
accuracy of our systems.

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