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How Site Technologies Used Drones To Accelerate Data Collection By 20x And Cut Costs By 50%


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Facility managers are replacing hazardous, error-prone human inspections with drone deployments, hours of tedious image review with machine intelligence and imprecise data with a focused system of reporting. Ultimately, they are finding that a drone-based solution leads to significant gains across the entire facility lifecycle.

When SITE Technologies, a property assessments and analytics company, partnered with PrecisionHawk to deploy a drone-based platform, they:

  • Accelerated data collection by 20X 
  • Reduced the cost of facility inspection by 50%
  • Significantly improved the precision, consistency, and completeness of facility data
LAVA M100 with X5s over city (1)

Because of our experience in helping facility managers and property owners find solutions for their assets, we understand what they're looking for and how they want to view information. PrecisionHawk has been collaborative and flexible in helping us deliver exactly what our clients need.

–Austin Rabine, CEO of SITE Technologies

Zenmuse XT on drone close-up
UgCs PrecisionFlight Pro on laptop with finger point
LAVA M600 with Riegl LiDAR taking off with flight ops in foreground

Download the case study to learn more about how a drone-based solution increased data quality and speed, as well as costs and accuracy.