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Transform Agricultural Ops With A Drone-Based Solution

Solution Brief: Drone-Based Aerial Intelligence in Precision Agriculture


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Smart farming is becoming a fast-growing global market. In fact, it’s expected to reach at least $13.5 billion by 2023. As this market grows, farmers are turning to drone-based aerial intelligence to strengthen their day-to-day operations and ensure optimal crop and livestock performance.


In this solution brief, we discuss how agriculture professionals are seeing meaningful results by deploying a drone-based solution, including:

  • Greater insights into their farming assets and livestock, with more accurate and consistent data
  • A significant reduction in scouting and measuring costs, making it more scalable and repeatable
  • More time-efficient operations, enabling decision-making in days instead of weeks
  • Greater crop yields with fewer inputs
“We get it - adopting new technology can be a bit daunting. That’s why we developed a platform that allows our clients to access aerial intelligence in a simple, turnkey service for actionable results.”

Download our full solution brief to learn how you can deploy a drone-based solution to transform your agricultural operations.