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Seize the new frontier of business intelligence

PrecisionHawk empowers enterprise leaders with aerial data and analytics
(and it's transforming the way business is done).

Four steps to the new frontier

Download our four-step roadmap to adding aerial intelligence to your business.



Actionable insights

Gain a new perspective on existing challenges and opportunities. PrecisionHawk’s industry experts help businesses apply existing use cases and pioneer new ones.

  • Fortune 100 enterprise experience
  • On-staff industry consultants
  • Advanced sensors and precision algorithms



An extension of business intelligence

Disrupt the market without disrupting operations. From design and development, to flights and analysis, PrecisionHawk integrates into existing workflows.

  • Full-lifecycle services
  • On-staff geospatial and data scientists
  • Automated, cloud-based processing



Safe, secure, and compliant

Mitigate risks associated with new technology. PrecisionHawk ensures aerial intelligence programs meet stringent security, safety, and regulatory standards.

  • Flight services and training
  • On-staff regulatory and data security experts
  • Follow rigorous AWS cloud security standards


Talk to an expert

Do you have questions about how aerial intelligence fits in your business? PrecisionHawk’s experts can help.

Experienced pioneers

Take the lead. From being the first to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) to supporting cutting-edge research, PrecisionHawk has learned how to assist enterprises in creating value out of the complex and unknown.

  • FAA Pathfinder and NASA UTM leadership
  • Certified by the FAA to fly beyond visual line of sight
  • Developing airspace services