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Redefine Oil & Gas Operations with Drone-Based Technology

Solution Brief: Oil & Gas Asset Management

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The U.S. is home to over 2.4 million miles of pipeline, making our network of energy pipelines the largest in the world. Not to mention thousands of tanks and wellpads.

For oil & gas firms, improving asset management is paramount. It requires taking inventory of, inspecting, and maintaining hundreds of wellpads and tanks, plus miles of pipeline. The foremost methods for doing this are deploying manned aircraft to perform visual inspections, and sending roustabouts on trucks to inspect equipment manually and to inventory assets.

The problem: These methods are dangerous and expensive, and they typically don’t provide robust data.

To combat the challenges of these traditional methods, more oil & gas firms are turning to drone-based technology. As a result, they’re experiencing up to a 50% reduction in inspection costs and up to a 33% efficiency gain, along with reducing hazardous manhours.


In this solution brief, you’ll learn:

  • How to strengthen asset management with drone-based aerial intelligence
  • Our oil & gas solution, a comprehensive platform featuring flight operations, our software programs, PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics, and reporting
  • Three common strategies in data collection using drone-based technology

Download our solution brief to learn how you can transform your business operations and protect the value of your oil & gas assets today.