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Transform Oil & Gas Operations with a Drone-Based Platform

How we deploy drone-based asset inspections on the Permian Basin

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Today’s infrastructure in the oil & gas industry requires active management—modern advances like fracking rigs and pressurized pipelines have created a more complex supply chain. However, traditional inspection routines for these assets are costly, time-intensive, and risky, exposing workers to machine hazards and businesses to data loss.

To reduce the need for manual inspections, operations leaders are adopting drone-based technology.

Implementing a drone-based solution:

  • Eliminates the need for on-site inspection visits
  • Provides real-time information on leaks and spills
  • Flags potential hazards that the human eye cannot detect
  • Navigates, annotates, and organizes inspection data
  • Automates field operations
Drone technology represents a vast opportunity to collect data that we never could before. When you structure data—like what PrecisionHawk can do with their drones—you’re able to get a precise figure. What you’re able to do with field service technology is define thresholds which may require action and alerts. After defining these thresholds, the technology can automate work orders that are sent to the right people at the right time.
-Josh Hoyt, Principal of Capgemini

In our video,

produced in partnership with Hart Energy, we tell the story of the evolution of oil asset management, starting with the earliest methods used by energy workers on the Permian Basin, through today’s drone applications. As part of the discussion of drones, we address the complete data value chain, including the delivery of data and requisitioning of maintenance.