How a Top 10 American Utility Used Drones for Their Grid Modernization Project

Extreme weather events are hitting more often and harder than ever before, and storm hardening regulations are prompting utilities to strengthen the electrical grid to withstand hurricane-force winds. Here’s how a leading utility used a drone-based data collection and analysis solution to increase the speed and efficiency of its storm-hardening program.

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PrecisionHawk’s drone-based solution has proven to discover discrepancies in location data for ~50% of poles. And while ground teams typically find that 10% of poles are out of compliance, the PrecisionHawk solution has, on average, found that the number is actually ~30%. How accuracte are your inspections? 

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This case study shows how one of PrecisionHawk’s utility clients is overcoming these challenges and increasing efficiency and speed by using a drone-based solution. The case study covers:

  • The challenges our client faced in complying with storm-hardening regulations.
  • The problems that arise using the incumbent ground-based method of performing inspections.
  • How PrecisionHawk helped build the business case for a drone-based solution.
  • The flight planning process, including safety procedures.
  • The data value chain that is helping our client increase the speed and accuracy of their inspections.
  • An outline of how pole location and condition data is collected, analyzed, and reported.
  • The software and hardware used to collect, analyze, and report the data on asset location and condition.
  • How our client is taking action to storm-harden its distribution system based on the reports from PrecisionHawk.


hazardous manhours associated with inspections



the accuracy of your inspections and GIS data



the time it takes to get value from your GIS data

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