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Transform Electrical Transmission Ops With a Drone-Based Solution

Solution Brief: Electrical Transmission Tower Lifecycle Management

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The American grid is ever-expanding, with electric utilities continually adding more transmission towers to the hundreds of thousands that span the U.S.

For these utilities, improving asset management is paramount: accurate asset awareness reduces downtime, increases worker safety, and boosts competitiveness and profitability.

That’s why more and more utilities are adopting drone-based technology to reach new levels of efficiency and safety in their operations.

In this solution brief, PrecisionHawk discusses how a drone-based platform can provide an end-to-end solution in managing the electrical transmission tower lifecycle. It explores:

  • How to strengthen asset management with drone-based aerial intelligence
  • Our utility transmission solution, a comprehensive platform featuring flight operations, our software programs, PrecisionFlight and PrecisionAnalytics, and reporting
  • Three common strategies in data collection using drone-based technology
We’ve seen significant results through our work with industry-leading utility companies, including less downtime due to unforeseen damage, higher inventory and tower health measurements accuracy, a 28% reduction in inspection costs, and a higher margin of safety.
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Download our full solution brief to learn how you can preserve the value of your investment and maximize the output of your transmission assets by deploying a drone-based solution.