Dominion Partners with PrecisionHawk

Dominion Energy is a power and energy company that operates in 16 states and maintains over 6,600 miles of overhead electric transmission lines in Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Dominion, like most utilities, wanted to improve their operations through better data, safer processes, and more environmentally-friendly practices.

When PrecisionHawk approached the utility about a drone-based solution, Dominion listened. Here’s how Dominion Energy achieved their goals by partnering with PrecisionHawk.

 - PrecisionHawk found 42% more areas of concern
 - Dominion set a new safety record of .62
 - The project saved an estimated 500 flight hours, along with 2,000 gallons of jet fuel


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“The additional detail has been a bonus for us, our goal was to at least be able to duplicate what a helicopter does— it's less intrusive to our customers, there's a better environmental footprint, it’s potentially safer, and it was nice to get the additional angles and able to pick up on additional defects.”

Steve Eisenrauch, Manager of Electric Distribution Contractor Resource Management

Why PrecisionHawk?

We specialize in serving enterprises, counting among our clientele top 50 utilities, oil and gas supermajors, Fortune 100s, and federal and state agencies. Our staff includes experts in business, policy, geographic information systems, and technology.

Regulatory Leadership
We’ve partnered with NASA and the FAA to help define practices in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations and universal traffic management, among other regulatory areas.

Safety and Operational Excellence
Our flight operations are founded on Naval aviation principles, earning an A-rating from ISNet.


Machine Intelligence
PrecisionAnalytics runs on the latest artificial intelligence platforms.

Hardware Expertise
Career pilots, engineers, and surveyors maintain PrecisionHawk’s portfolio of cutting-edge drones, sensors, and ground-based equipment.

Cutting-edge Geospatial Science
Our industry-leading team of PhD-holding and remote sensing-accredited geospatial scientists help ensure the quality and accuracy of our systems.
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