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Streamline The Crop Insurance Claims Cycle

Solution Brief: Crop Insurance Claims Cycle Management

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Crop insurance coverage has grown significantly in the United States. In fact, according to Agri-Pulse, 334 million acres of farmland were covered by 1.1 million policies in 2018, up by 20 million acres from 2017.

But how do claims adjusters keep up with the increasing need for accurate and efficient ways to inspect crop damage, build claims and prevent overpayments and/or paying out for false claims?

In this solution brief, PrecisionHawk discusses how drone-based solutions can streamline the entire crop insurance claims cycle.


The results of implementing a drone-based solution are clear:

  • Faster outcomes: Drones can assess 200 acres in 20 minutes, which accelerates the entire claims cycle.
  • Increased customer engagement: It’s not just about the payout—PrecisionHawk data tells customers not only the extent of the damage, but also exactly where it is. Customers can use this information to replant if possible.
  • Better claims: The PrecisionHawk solution lets you generate data-rich reports to build more accurate claims.
  • Cost savings: You can reduce inspection costs, prevent overpayments, and avoid paying out for false claims.
  • Differentiation in the marketplace: Increasing transparency and improving results sets you apart from competing crop insurers.

Download our full solution brief to learn how you can deploy a drone-based solution to transform the crop insurance claims cycle.